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Raksha Bandhan Images, Wallpapers, Happy Raki Photos

Happy Raksha BandhanRaksha Bandhan which is simply called as Rakhi is an important festival in the Indian festivals. This festival is a mark of the relationship of brother and sister. Rakhi is celebrated among Hindu Religion in India and Nepal.  Raksha Bandhan which means Bond of protection is the main motive of this festival. This festival will be falling on Full moon day in Sravana month. The day is according to the Hindu Lunisolar calendar and their traditions are also followed here. Rakhi is a day where we celebrate among brother and sister. The bond between them is very strong and they will be with each other lifelong. Get Raksha Bandhan Images and Raki Wallpapers and share them to your Brothers and Sisters on the eve.

Raksha Bandhan Images, Wallpapers, Happy Raki Photos:

Happy Raksha Bandhan
So one can use these Happy Raksha Bandhan Images and share them on their social profiles and can share with their Brothers and Sisters as well.

Raksha Bandhan Images | Rakhi Wallpapers:

Raksha Bandhan is a Sanskrit word which means knot of protection. Every brother will be giving protection to his sister. Not even doing the rituals of rakhi also we can do the promise of protecting our sisters. But it was a tradition to the rituals and promise to each other to protect each other.  

Coming to the history of this festival we have many Goddesses stories about this festival. Lord Indra Dev wife Sachi tied a cotton thread to her husband while going to a typical war and that thread was given to her by Lord Vishnu whom she believes as her brother. Indra Dev succeeded in the war and came back. 

From then it was said that the festival was started very before and even continuing now.  Another story was from Goddesses Laxmi who went to the palace of Bali with her Husband Lord Vishnu after some successful wars. They have she felt some threat to Vishnu and tied Knot to Bali's hand and asked him to be her Brother. Bali accepted her wish and promised Vishnu will be free in that palace. 

The same way Draupadi used to tie a knot to Lord Krishna and Kunti tied a knot to her Grandson while going to war. Here in the ancient stories, it is not compulsory to tie it to only brothers it is tied as a part of protection bond to the persons. Lord Ganesh sons are fed off as they don’t have a sister to tie a knot to them then a daughter was created by Ganesh naming Santoshi Matha. In this way, we have many stories which show the knot bonding between many relationships.  

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