Thursday, 23 November 2017

Thanksgiving Day Parade, Thanksgiving Day Images Harvest Festival

Thanksgiving Day Parade, History of Thanksgiving Day Harvest Festival: Entire New York city is well prepared for Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City with full of trucks and sand, Trucks are moving around the city, Parade balloons started life with a good security plan. "I think it is looking appropriate now". Authorities made complete network camera security, Cops covered the pedestrian entrance points and created an environment like a web of street closure to parade final blocks.

Thanksgiving Day Parade, History of Thanksgiving Day Harvest Festival:

Hundreds turned out for watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day, a huge crowd gathered on the roads, Here we made an opportunity for you to see the life on the Thanksgiving Parade, Millions of teens and families will be watching it from home. Earlier for the sneak peek of parade nearly three and a half million people are expected to attend the 90th annual event, while tens of millions will be starting from their home's itself.
Thanksgiving Day Parade
 NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio mentioned, "NYPD is more than ready to handle anything that is going on around us and to work with everyone to make sure it’s a safe and fun day for everyone who attends."

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