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Top Best 10 Things to do in Columbus ohio

Top Best 10 Things to do in Columbus ohio: Columbus is the capital and largest city of the U.S. state of Ohio located on the banks of the Scioto River . It is the 15th largest city in the United States. It is named after the famous explorer Christopher Columbus. Just check the best crazy top 10 things to do in Columbus Ohio. Columbus is famous for rather a lot, firstly for having one of the largest universities and football schools in North America, as well as being home to one of the country’s top zoos. It is also known for its best municipal park systems in the country, comprising of 16 parks. The city has a number of different attractions for every type of tourist, 

Top Best 10 Things to do in Columbus ohio:

Top Best 10 Things to do in Columbus ohio
Top Best 10 Things to do in Columbus ohio

1. Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

The Franklin Park Conservatory is a botanical garden that was originally built in Columbus in 1895. Today, the conservatory acts as a horticulture and educational institution showcasing an exotic array of plant collections and special exhibitions. Franklin Park is listed in the Top Best 10 Things to do in Columbus ohio.

Contained within the conservatory are more than 400 plant species from across the world. In 1994 the Franklin Park Conservatory debuted a seasonal butterfly exhibit, the first of which in the United States. The facility offers a wide variety of educational classes for school groups, families or individuals of all ages, who are looking to learn more about the natural world, gardening and the arts.

2. Ohio Statehouse

The house of government for the state of Ohio, the Ohio Statehouse is a Greek-revival designed building that houses the Ohio General Assembly and the ceremonial offices of the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Treasurer and Auditor.

When the state government relocated to Columbus in 1816, it occupied a modest two-story building that began to become quite cramped as the country continued to grow. As work had just begun on the new building, Columbus’ agreement to be the state capitol was set to expire. Years later, in 1861 after much delay the building was completed. Ohio State house also added in Top Best 10 Things to do in Columbus ohio Unlike a number of other state capitol buildings, the Capitol Building in Washington did not influence the Ohio Statehouse since it was built before the expansion to the Washington building. The statehouse is considered a tremendous example of the Greek-revival style of architecture.

3. Ohio Theatre

Known as the “Official Theatre of the State of Ohio” the historic movie palace from 1928 was saved from demolition in 1969 and fully restored. In 1977 it was declared a National Historic Landmark.The theatre is owned and operated by the Columbus Association for the Performing Arts (CAPA), which was originally formed to save the theatre in 1969. No one will forget that Ohio theatre has been added into the list of  Top Best 10 Things to do in Columbus ohio The theatre’s stage now modernized to allow for the fabulous performances it now puts on, which include anything from musicals to ballet and opera, and from lectures to fun presentations like the summer Movie Series and Broadway Series held every year.

4. Ohio Stadium

Ohio Stadium is referred with many names, such as The Horseshoe or “The House that Harley built” or “The Shoe”, is Ohio State University’s football stadium and home to Ohio State Buckeyes football team as well as the Ohio State University Marching Band. With a seating capacity of just under 105,000 it’s the third largest football stadium in the United States. Ohio Stadium is one among the Top Best 10 Things to do in Columbus ohio to visit. The Stadium really is a landmark and worth a visit.

5. German Village

German Village is named as such because of the large number of German immigrants who moved to the area in the mid 19th century and seemingly brought a piece of home with them. It draws an abundance of visitors who relish the taste of something a little ‘European’ from one of the area’s many coffee shops, confectionaries, groceries and restaurants. Few people listed German Village Things to do in Columbus ohio

6. Scioto Mile

Scioto Mile is 145 acres of gorgeous flourishing parkland, and popular with locals and visitors alike for strolling or biking along its integrated system which connects down to the Scioto River. Sciooto Mile is dropped here on 10 Things to do in Columbus ohio, Making a lovely afternoon for all the family, along the way you’ll be able to enjoy the city’s fantastic 15,000 sq ft interactive fountain in which your kids can have great fun splashing around, the country’s biggest outdoors climbing wall, and the 120 acre Scioto Audubon, from where you’ll be able to spot a multitude of shore birds. 

7. Columbus Museum of Art

The Columbus Museum of Art is a wonderful attraction for the whole family to enjoy. There is a fabulous children’s area, and free admission on Sundays. The kids can get busy with the Lego exhibits and other toys designed specifically for creative play, while the rest of the family can appreciate the wonderful works of art on display.Not but Columbus Museum of Art is expected in Top 10 Things to do in Columbus ohio There is also a vast range of locally handmade objects together with unusual delights from around the world to look through. 

8. Graeter’s Ice Cream Factory

Graeter’s Ice Cream Factory began its ice cream journey in 1868 in Cincinnati and is famous not only for its delicious ice cream but also because it is the only commercial ice cream maker in the world that uses French Pot freezers, with its two gallon batches being the smallest in the industry. Sadly, tours of this famous factory have finished but the ice cream is still wonderful and when you drop by to savor one of the yummy offerings, you can also visit the indoor play area for your little ones. Top Best 10 Things to do in Columbus ohio.

Best 10 Things to do in Columbus ohio:

9. Hayden Falls Park

This is a lovely spot to enjoy the striking 35ft waterfall as well as the surrounding endangered and protected plants. It’s a lot easier to get to these days too with steps, a boardwalk and an overlook. There are also some picnic tables available on the upper level. Best 10 Things to do in Columbus ohio, Just 100 yards from the Scioto River, you and your family really won’t want to miss this great photo opportunity. The park only takes about 15 minutes to see everything but it’s certainly worth the time. Top Best 10 Things to do in Columbus ohio

10. Huntington Park

Huntington Park is a baseball stadium located in the heart of downtown Columbus. The stadium serves as home to the Columbus Clippers, the AAA minor league affiliate to the Cleveland Indians. Having just opened in 2009, Huntington Park is a truly state-of-the-art minor league baseball stadium. The park was so successful that it was named Ballpark of the Year by in 2009, even beating out famed major league parks like Yankee Stadium. The award is given to the stadium that features the best combination of design, attractive site selection and fan amenities.

Top Best 10 Things to do in Columbus ohio:

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