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Holi Wallpapers, Messages, Happy Holi SMS

Holi festival is celebrated after the sunset of the pyre signifying Holika Dahan, It is celebrated on the victory of god on the evil Holika. On this day people used to gather at one place and lights a fire and starts singing and dancing. On the very next day Holi is celebrated with everyone throwing colours and coloured balloons on the streets. AllImagesQuote is made best Holi Wallpapers and Holi Messages post.

Holi Wallpapers, Messages, Happy Holi SMS

Holi Wallpapers

Holi Wallpapers:

Holi is the colourful festival whose celebrations begins a week before of the Holi festival, People used wait for it enthusiastically for playing with friends, neighbours and relatives with balloons. Youth will celebrate the festival with full of joy and applying colours to foreheads and hugging each other and exchanging sweets, different delicious dishes and preparing other yummy things in the home and eating them.

Happy Holi Images

Holi festival has became popular, It is being celebrated in different parts of the country like Europe, north America as it is considered as celebration of colours. Not only Hindus, Holi festival is celebrated by Pakistani Hindus also in cities, such as Karachi, Hazara, Rawalpindi, Sindh, Hyderabad, Multan, and Lahore. 

On the eve of Holi, It is like tradition to them people used to break a matka which means earthen pot it will be hung at highest spot and group of men will forms pyramid and start climbing on them to reach the peak of the pyramid and break the matka. Others will throw colors and water on to them, Matka is filled with butter and milk.
Holi Pictures

After the completion of the play people have fresh bath and wear new dress in the evening and visits nearby friends, neighbours and relatives start sharing sweets. So people believe Holi is the festival of forgiveness and feels it will brings harmony in the society.

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